Sunday, June 17, 2012

How I back up my pictures

I get asked how do I back up my pictures quite a bit.   It is pretty simple.

When I upload them to the computer,  I do not erase the images off the memory card.  They are not backed up yet, so I do not want to delete them off the card just yet.   I usually edit the pictures and upload them, I am pretty much done with them before I delete them off the memory card.  After this I get out my removable hard drive and back up the edited version and the unedited version.   Every moth I take the removable hard drive to work where I have another one.  I bring the old one home and start to back up on that one.   I have two just in case something bad happens where the computer and hard drive that are at one location, they could be in a fire or something else, I would have another copy of the pictures.   I rotate them in case something does happen I only lose a month of pictures.

There you have it, pretty simple.   One copy on the memory card for a little while, a second on the computer, a third uploaded to the internet, a fourth on a removable hard drive and a fifth on a removable hard drive.  Five different spots, but only four in the end.


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